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68 Boulevard de Port Royal

75005 Paris


Opening Hours:


Mon-Fri: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 12:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday: Closed



Based on versatility and quality, Paris Fashion Vintage is revered way beyond Paris. Known for daintiness, extravagant taste, and the exquisite charm, we offer an array of pre-loved luxury wardrobe and accessories, hand-picked to make you feel mondaine.

Coming from bygone eras known for a specific style, we specialize in dashing clothing for true fashion connoisseurs. From New Look to Space Age, opulence to minimalism, we offer a fresh look at fashion history. In our boutique, find certain garments that come from a time when fashion was not even available in stores, but tailor-made with love and attention to detail.


However, our mission is not only to promote beautiful fashion but to promote sustainable practice by giving renewed life to luxury garments. Because, when you decide to shop vintage, you are essentially recycling the pieces and aiding our environment.

With the foundational belief that our customers deserve the best shopping experience, we decided to transfer the colourful atmosphere of our vintage Parisian boudoir to the online community. An array of true vintage gems for discerning fashion enthusiasts includes classic and eternally wearable pieces that often come with a special story, and we are more than happy to tell you more. As you search for an unforgettable dress or a bag, take the time to read about its origin or its veiled secret perhaps. Fully committed to cater to your needs, we embark on our new journey certain that our uniqueness will translate.


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